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Introduction to Avacweb Chat (AWC)

What is it?

   Avacweb Chat is a customization script, modifying and utilizing the existing Forumotion chatbox. It extends the functionality by creating a wrapper with much more useful and intuitive functions. This helps bring to life more features and a far better chatbox!

Why use it?

   Have you ever felt that the default Forumotion chatbox is lacking a lot? AWC brings to you private messaging, custom chatrooms, message notifications, custom commands and more! Not only this, AWC is designed with the future, expansion and personalization in mind, so it is very easy to customize to get exactly what you want out of it. Visit the Features page for a more detailed list of what AWC offers.

How do I get it?

   AWC really is simple to install, visit the Install page and follow just 2 steps. Installing plug-ins is just as simple, so be sure to look through them and get everything you want out of AWC.

Default AWC2.0 installation